Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still Going Strong!

Destiny Equestrian has had a very interesting path on it's road to discovery. We have learned so much along the way and have many people to thank for our continued success. Integrity remains our driving force in this industry and building awareness and continuing education on all fronts. It is with great pleasure that I was finally given an opportunity to combine my two passions, Horses & Dogs.
Completing my Certification in Canine Massage Therapy has allowed for Destiny Equestrian to partner with Pawsitive Touch.
Pawsitive Touch is dedicated to promoting healing and wellness of our K-9 Companions, whether it be competition dog, trusted handicap helper or just all round best friend! This is a general wellness program as well as a therapeutic option for ailments, injury, chronic issues or surgery. Certified Animal/Human Chiropractics is also available with Dr. E. Silverman.
Our New Location is right on the border of Toronto and in a beautiful, scenic country setting. Offering On-Site Daycare, Training, Grooming, Massage & Sleepovers in our Beautiful Luxury Loft. In addition, we offer mobile services to your home, clinic or stable/show for Massage Therapy, Chiropractics, Grooming & Training.
Continuing to learn all we can to help our Equine & Canine Partners and build a life long bond that maintains the well being for all.
Here's to the Year of the Horse!

Friday, October 26, 2012

It's been a while!!!

So, paws a while and destiny equestrian have evolved into the Ajax Riding Academy.
We are going on a 1 year transformation. Destiny Equestrian is celebrating 7 years and as of November 2012 our 1st Anniversary of being at the Ajax Riding Academy.
Our Partners, Mann Engineering and Spirit Run Farms have been so supportive and we continue on our road to success by completing our first Open Schooling Show Series ~ Year End Dinner & Awards coming up in November.
We will also get to spend our Anniversary at The Royal Winter Fair.
Join Us down at The EX for Pumpkin Spiced Donughts and a 'Free Draw' for a spot to ride with Olympian Jessica Pheonix at the November 17th Clinic in Port Perry (Spirit Run Farms).
Our Holiday Camp is just around the corner and to add to the Spirit of Giving, there will be a 'Royal Discount' for Sign Ups made on site everyday at the Fair. Bring Friends and Family and enjoy a day at the fair and drop by to say "Hi".
Special Thanks to all our wonderful Supporters.
Check us out on Facebook and our website - (www.taraonline.ca)
This has been an exciting road and look forward to Horsin' Around in the new year =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Forget the YOGA LADIES - Great Big 'Happy Birthday' Wish to Melissa

We need to stretch, stretch, stretch... We are getting older, have had babies, chasing toddlers (Whilst Carrying a Baby) Yes, LOL...
I realize that holding something for 45 seconds can be intimidating..try holding ice chips in the palm of your hand and count!!
It is so important though, so remember to stretch before, during and after all moderate exercise.
This goes for walking distances, bike riding, swimming, tennis & horseback riding =)
Stay Strong to all my wonderful 'Ladies'

BIG WELCOME to Deanna, Nicole and Jessica....True Animal Lovers. We have to set a date in June to go on a ride together!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

'Manely Therapy'

Destiny Equestrian is excited to introduce the newest project for 2011...'Manely Therapy' will be geared towards individuals, both Horse & Human.
Horses, as well as dogs have a keen sense of understanding when it comes to feelings. This is why I will work diligently to help create a bond between Human & Horse to help break through the barrier of trust and communication. Unconditional Love can go a long way.

We are now proud to offer 'Equine Acupuncture' and 'Equine Massage Therapy', in hopes of rehabilitation and possible placement either with new homes or to add to our 'Destiny Team'.
If you or your child feel like they need a new outlook and want some relaxing time in a 'Country Setting' ~ Close to the City, this is the place for you!
Don't worry...we didn't forget our Human Friends...Yes, there is Acupuncture & Massage Therapy available to you as well.
On-Site, so you can spend a few hours or the ENTIRE DAY Relaxing and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or to set up an appointment.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to Sue from 'Healing Hooves' for all her insight into using Animals for Assisted Therapy.
I applaud all the hard work that you do =)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome Baby 'Parker'

A Wonderful addition to our 'Destiny'
Proud Parents Rebecca & David Welcome their 2nd Child
Parker Neal Ritch
Born October 2010
He has brought such joy to our lives
"We Love You"

Free Horse 'Phonership' @ Destiny Eq

A new - yet 'Old' way of doing things... Barter and Trade... Help those in need, Share in the Wealth, these are all age old methods that made our world go round....Somewhere along the lines, it turned to a Monetary System.... This makes people Happy, Mad, Anxious. Nervous and Stressed.. Now how many of us have enough $$$ that it is "Our Stress Saver"???
If you answered 'Yes' That's Me - Then that is great!
How many answered "Yes, I wish"???
Well I am here to make some of your 'Wishes Come True" as most of us only 'Dream' of Winning the Lottery... and Yes, you have to play...It's a gamble... But I have one 'Sure Thing', actually '3'...My Passion has been Horses for more than half my life. I would do anything just to be around them. Didn't have much $$$ to buy my own.
So, I started out with Lessons, went to Part-Boarding, Leasing and then bought out my 1st Horse... I also trained and exercised to keep them in my life. Volunteered at C.A.R.D in Toronto to help my Community with Horses & Humans. I finally decided it was 'MY DESTINY" to be with Horses =)
I have 3 Beautiful Thoroughbreds, 2 Mares & 1 Gelding.
'Date with Destiny'
'Too Good 2BTrue'
They are from all 'Walks' of Life but the 'Number One' thing they have in Common, is that they need TLC and Humans to Help them...

As the Proud Originator of 'Destiny Equestrian' I am able to Offer a New Program to Start out a "New Year' ~ Phonership Program @ Our Facility will give the 'Eager Horse Lovers' the opportunity of a 'Lifetime'
Horse Ownership/Phonership with no Start Up Costs
The Catch...Yes, you need to be available 24/7 by PHONE
These horses start at $275/month & Up
You can ride them 5-7 days/week - Come and Brush, Anytime you'd like =)
Lessons are also *Mandatory* Minimum of 1 per month $45
(Certain Conditions Apply)

Like a 'Free Lease' - Horses are available to Board Out, as well.
We Welcome only Serious Horse Lovers!!
Beginning Immediately
Contact us to set up a phone interview

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Our Proud Parents ~ Shiloh & Scar have had their 1st Litter.
Our 8 Beautiful 'German Labs' are strong & healthy. We couldn't have asked for better Parents.
They Arrived, starting at 8:30am Thursday January 21st 2010
We welcomed 5 Boys & 3 Girls...
Mommy is a CHAMP!!!
She is fine with her mate in the room and our 3 year old is helping with the daily chores and giving them all an extra bit of TLC
She is content in her 'Huge' Whelping Box (Designed by David Ritch)
We already have several names on our 'WaitList'
I will be posting Pictures shortly.
They will be available for viewing in about a week.